Abdul Awal Mintoo
Abdul Awal Mintoo was born in 1949 in Aleyarpur, a small and remote village in the Feni district of Bangladesh. He belongs to a family of landowners who initiated his primary education in the village school. Abdul Awal Mintoo began his career aspiring to be a ship captain. However, in the 1980s, after completing his bachelors and masters degrees he turned to business. Since the very start, he has achieved outstanding success as a leading entrepreneur of Bangladesh.
Mr. Mintoo completed his BSc in 1973 with a degree in Marine Transportation Science from the State University of New York. He followed that with a Master's degree in Transportation Management and Advance Chartering Problems and Arbitration. He returned to Bangladesh in 1981, and since then has involved himself with various businesses and industrial establishments.
Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo is involved in various businesses including manufacturing, information technology, agriculture and biotechnology, finance, insurance, FMCG, hotel/resorts and various other enterprises.
Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo is the CEO of Multimode Group and also sits on the board of various enterprises, social associations and institutions. Below is a table of some of the positions he holds.
Name of Organization Nature of Business Position
Multimode Limited Distribution of Microsoft, Red Hat/Linux Products. Involved in remittance via Western Union. Chairman
A & A Investment Limited Investment in real estate, land development, shares. Managing Director
Multimode Transport Consultants Limited Automobiles Distributorship / Shipping /Chartering Managing Director
HeidelbergCement Bangladesh Ltd. Cement clinker grinding and quality cement manufacturing Director
Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. Manufacturing of quality yarn Advisor
Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd. Manufacturing of carbon rods for drycell battery, CNG Station, chemicals Advisor
East West Seed (Bangladesh) Limited OP and Hybrid Vegetable seeds production, processing and research Chairman
North South Seed Ltd. OP and Hybrid seed production, processing and marketing Director
Pragati Insurance Ltd. General Insurance (one of the largest private general insurance company in the Bangladesh) Chairman
Pragati Life Insurance Ltd. Life Insurance Director
National Bank Ltd. One of the largest private banks in Bangladesh. Past Chairman
Jamuna Resort Limited An unique and modern resort and recreation facility Chairman
In addition to his business ventures and positions, Mr. Mintoo, has been active in the following organizaitons:
  • The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)- Vice President (2005-2006)
  • SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry (EEIG)
  • The Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)- President (2003-2005) (1998-2000)
  • Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB)  A and A Investment Chairman (1997-1999)
  • Bangladesh Employer's Federation- President (1997-1999)
  • Bangladesh Ocean Going Ship Owners Association- Chairman (1988-2000)
  • Bangladesh India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BICCI) Chairman
  • Bangladesh Seed Merchants Association Adviser
  • Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Association EC Member (1992-1995)
  • Bangladesh Olympic Association- Vice President
Major Business Achievements
Mr. Mintoo has been credited for playing a significant role in the development of Bangladesh. Starting with encouraging remittances through formal channels, which contributes significantly to the development of the country by bringing Western Union to Bangladesh, to promoting agricultural sustainability and increased productivity through Lal Teer Seeds Ltd. and its pioneering efforts and development of seeds that now are the chosen product of majority of farmers throughout the country. Additionally, he helped introduce one of the first privately held banks, National Bank Ltd. in Bangladesh which encouraged private sector investments and helped meet the daily needs of people. His career and activities, each step of the way, is exemplified as one that has and continues to help towards the greater growth and development of the nation.
For his leadership, he was elected twice as the President of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has been recognized through numerous awards.
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