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Bangladesh lies at the forefront of the Climate Change battle. It is one of the world’s most climate vulnerable countries with an area about 144,000 sq. km; with a population of approximately 160 millions. Bangladesh’s coastline stretches for 580 km and country is mostly flat, meaning it feels the affects of global warming, growing environmental disasters and rising sea levels.
Multimode Eco Check Ltd. (MECL), a concern of the Multimode Group, is an aspiring Coordinating Managing Entity (CME) involved in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects and activities that aim to mitigate climate change and to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, thus helping private sectors with eco friendly tools and technology. MECL looks to enhance the capacity of the private sector in conjunction with Development Partners (DP) through CDM activities for climate change risk reduction, cleaner environment, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development.
Areas of Focus:
MECL is working with several key strategic international partners for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change. Some activities in focus currently are reducing emissions from Brick Kilns and the use of Rice Husk. MECL looks to transform existing Fixed Chimney Kilns (FCK) to improved types such as Zig Zag Kiln, Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK), Tunnel Kiln etc. The company also works with entrepreneurs setting up new Auto Brick Industries to use new technologies, which are friendlier to the environment. In regards to Rice Husk, in collaboration with DP’s, MECL works to replace traditional boilers with improved boilers, which are fuel-efficient and increase productivity. The use of newer technology in both Brick Kilns and Rice Husk, helps to reduce GHG emissions, increases productivity, and fuel efficiency. The results are multifarious, as these activities will help to stabilize the GHG concentrations in the atmosphere, reduce costs, and increase production and profits for the entrepreneurs that transition to better technology.
MECL's Package Services:
As a Coordinating / Managing Entity (CME) of Designated Operational Entity's (DOE) licensed by UNFCCC, we provide the following services.
1. Training/Capacity building: In collaboration with DPs, foreign machinery suppliers and skilled trainers impart advance, "Training of Trainers (TOT) for capacity building, replacement, installation, and maintenance of eco-efficient machines, tools, and technology in compliance with Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). MECL also arranges special foreign training at Auto brick industries.
2. Consultancy: MECL provides consultancy ranging from preparing business plans to raising funding through grants and loans. We also engage foreign consultants as and when necessary for appraisals, audits, etc.
3. Supply & implementation: MECL through its strategic partners supplies machineries and equipments. MECL ensures proper installation and implementation through trained technicians as per specification of the lender and in compliance with CDM policies. We also ensure that trained supervisors visit production site frequently so that implementation is appropriately done.
4. Carbon Trade Negotiation: MECL prepares technical CDM documentation in collaboration with foreign licensed DOE’s. MECL looks to build on the business of carbon credits, which means ultimately businesses in Bangladesh would be supported in their bid to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
Process at a glance: All Brick Industry and Auto Rice Mill owners (existing and new entrepreneurs): Every one is a winners with no risk on their parts.
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