Abdul Awal Mintoo
Abdul Awal Mintoo was born in 1949 in Aleyarpur, a small and remote village in the Feni district of Bangladesh. He belongs to a family of landowners who initiated his primary education in the village school. Abdul Awal Mintoo began his career aspiring to be a ship captain. However, in the 1980s, after completing his bachelors and masters degrees he turned to business. Since the very start, he has achieved outstanding success as a leading entrepreneur of Bangladesh.
Nasreen Fatema Awal
Ms. Nasreen Fatema Awal is the Vice Chairperson of the Multimode Group, She is directly involved in the Business for the past 18 years
Tabith Mohammed Awal
Tabith Mohammed Awal currently serves as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of Multimode Group. The eldest son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo
Tafsir Mohammed Awal
Tafsir Mohammed Awal currently serves as the Director of Multimode Group, and is actively involved in operational aspects of the Groups concerns.
Tajwar Mohammed Awal
Tajwar Mohammed Awal is the youngest son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and is a Director of Multimode Group. Currently, he is completing his Bachelor’s degree.
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