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108, Bir Uttam C.R. Dutta Road
Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.


Lal Teer Seed Limited

Aiming to ensure food security and nutrition enhancement by increasing per head vegetable intake, Lal Teer Seed Limited started its journey in 1995. The joint venture company, East West Seed Bangladesh, was founded by Abdul Awal Mintoo, a leading businessman, and Simon D.Groot, a renowned seed businessman. In 2005 the joint venture was through a mutual understanding taken over by Multimode, while still retaining agreements for product development with East West Seed Thailand.

Since its inception the company has conducted extensive research to develop hybrid seeds through acclimatization and assessing suitability for local soil types. Germplasms were collected from Bangladesh and abroad to obtain the most desired varieties. The company has developed more than 68 hybrid vegetable varieties. As a result, vegetables can be cultivated all year round, helping mitigate nutritional deficiency in Bangladesh, increasing farmer income, and contributing to rural development.

By approaching farmers at their doorsteps, the company’s extension program has brought improved seeds to 30 agro-ecological zones in the country. In the past 16 years, the company has trained farmers, retailers, seed dealers and agriculture supervisors through adaptation trials, result and method demonstrations, farmers’ field days and community meetings. Thousands of farmers have been engaged in cultivation, from the sowing to post-harvest stages. To ensure quality products, the company also offers after-sales service to farmers and makes sure their feedback reaches the company’s R&D department.

The company’s outreach program has started trials in several international countries to benefit more farmers such as in China, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East. Early results are showing a positive impact on the farming community.

North South Seed Ltd.  is Multimode group’s second seed venture. It started as a vegetable seed producing company with production facilities of about 1000 tons of vegetable seeds in four northern districts under close supervision of experienced agriculturists. It has now entered into production and breeding of rice, potato, and maize.

Chens Crop-Science Bangladesh Limited, Tinpata Quality Seeds Limited are also part of Multimode Group engaged in scientific research and distribution of high quality seeds and pesticides to promote increased productivity and sustainability.